Ficklin Family

I have to say, living in Ohio and discovering so many cool places has been really fun. 
And then to have families get in front of my camera on all these wonderful locations are the icing on the cake, or so to speak. 

Have I mentioned I loved personalities? Because this family has tons! And I love 
Why? Because every one is just different and different can be so beautiful. 

I know moms often get stressed out worrying about how their kids are going to be on photo day.  What mom won't? I mean, even I was praying hard that my kids behave and smile beautifully when we hired a wonderfully talented photographer to capture our family. 

However, my biggest hope is that every one who has worked with me felt like they could relax. Felt like they could let go and just be a family, be themselves. It is when you are being yourself and doing what you do as a child, a mom, a dad, is when the best moments are captured. 

And so I let them be them. 
Here are some of my personal favourites from our recent evening together with this fun family.

Shoot me a message and let's talk about how we can work on capturing genuine moments with your family. :)