Crowther Family

So much can happen in one year. 
We often forget how much time has flown by until we look back and list down all the things that we have accomplished, experienced. 

I spent some time with this family recently and noticed that their kids has grown a little more since our last session together. Each one, beautiful in their own way. 

How precious are those moments with your children? 
They start out so tiny, needing us in every way possible and before long they are waving goodbye and setting off on adventures of their own. 

Dorothea Lange, a famous documentary photographer and photojournalist once said, "Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." So don't let moments pass you by. Take action and capture them, be it by me or with your own camera. Just do it. 

Here are a few favourites of mine from our session recently. Enjoy.