Williams Family

Growing up, the beach has always been one of my favourite places to go. It doesn't matter how the beach looks like; white sands, clear water with beautiful corals, or even just brown sand, not so clear water, I have seen my share of beaches and I love each and every one. The kind that was close to where my childhood home was the latter. We'd go there on weekends, and weekdays after school too if there was nothing else going on. The sound of the ocean waves, the breeze, the smell and sand between your toes is just so good for the soul. Many a times it was a place where I could go think or just find peace. 

So this time around, it was no different. 
Actually it was better because I got to do some snapshots of this cute family (and saw a bunch of dolphins)!

Here are some of my favourites.  

It sure is nice when your sister in law's family is beautiful. :)


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