40 weeks!

I'm here to prove my husband wrong, that my blog is not dead. :P

I just haven't picked up my camera much these days nor pushed myself to accomplish much projects except to get by each day with a very feisty toddler while lugging around a huge belly that is growing a baby! 

I hit 40 weeks tomorrow and I'm still pregnant.  Strangers have came up to me thinking I'm not that far along and when I tell them I am due in 2 days. I get looks of surprise that I don't look like it because of the lack of waddling! Lol!  Despite my lack of waddling, my walking a lot more has left me with a some swelling on the ankles this pregnancy.  Eeps! 

 Little man is yet to come out but that is okay.  Surprisingly, the few friends who are due about the same or close to me all had their babies earlier.  It does make me feel a little anxious to get the birthing part over with but at the same time, having learnt from the first pregnancy with Ciel, she came when she was ready and so will this little guy. 

So much exciting things has happened and lots to look forward to.  We have came a long ways and have had much trials amidst the fun and joys of being newly married.  Just a few days ago, we reminisce and chuckled a little about our predicament during the time Ciel was born.  We were living in an over 400 square foot one bedroom apartment which had a lot of character but also very bad insulation in the winter, our car old green car had broken down days before so we were left car-less, and Clifford was working graveyards on top of going to school full time, leaving us the last few days before Ciel's arrival to repaint and finally set up her crib on the day I went into labor.  And on top of that, I had no insurance. 

We opted to do our birth at a birthing centre, considering it will be more affordable with the out of pocket savings we have planned for, only to find out after hours of labor that it was not going to work out because my body was too exhausted to go on, and that we had to be transferred to the hospital.  Fortunately enough, Ciel wasn't distressed so I was given drugs to help me get dilated all the way and have a few hours of sleep before I am ready to push her out.  Clifford's grandma came to the rescue by borrowing us her car that very day so we were able to get around.  

So yeah, there was a lot of faith and prayers involved.  
We knew it was right to start our family despite the circumstances, but we had no idea how much we were going to be tested along the way too.  And despite Ciel being our "firstborn in the wilderness" as we call it, we would not have traded it for the world.  

I think having gone through what we went through made us stronger.  Just like all the hard things we all need to go through and once we come out of it, you look back and think, wow.. we did that?
I think my husband is a pretty stellar man having made it possible to support us while being in school full time and working, enabling me to be a mom and stay home with Ciel.  All that without much financial assistance except for school scholarships to help with tuition.  We lived on a very tight budget that was for sure!  Some days, I would walk pass a pharmacy and thought about how much I miss working and dealing with the public, (not to mention the great extra income we could have) but then I look at Ciel and think about how fast she is growing and how sad I would be if I had to missed out on the little simple things we do daily together, from going for walks, reading, etc.  I do admit her toddler years now has been trying my patience but then again that could be because I'm pregnant and just don't have the energy to deal with her extreme need to exert her independence and antics.  Who knows.  I know I'm not going to be any better once her brother arrives until maybe a after a few weeks later I think.  

I only wish I didn't have to wake up every hour or so all night long to go pee. 

I have to constantly remind myself, this too shall pass... 

Till next post, with possibly announcement of little man's arrival, wish us luck.  Oh and prayers are always welcomed too. :) 


  1. Great post. Makes me teary. I feel your emotions. Yes, it is all worth it.

  2. So exciting!! Wish I could be there to welcome him into the world <3


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