Baby Shower

How does one start a post about being grateful? 

We have been blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends wherever we go. 
 Cincinnati is no different.  

To celebrate little man's soon to be arrival, a shower was thrown. 
From where I am from, this is not something I'm used to so having it done before Ciel came was fun and I figured it was okay (after much convincing that is).  I didn't think I deserve another with baby number two just because, you are  not a first time mom anymore.  So, I have to admit I was a little shy to be celebrated second time around.  

Despite that, we are still extremely grateful and touched by the kindness and generosity shown.  
And I guess, since I didn't have any much photos (sadly!) from my first shower thrown by my wonderful sister-in-laws last time (which was beautiful too!!!), I got another chance to capture some photos this time around. 

Thank you again everyone, including those of you who weren't there in person. 

And of course, the mastermind behind all this Shayleen... you ROCK. :)


  1. Thankful for these lovely kind ladies! Can't wait to meet Clifford junior and hold him in my arms.

  2. Ha! Lian your pictures make the shower look 300x cuter than it was in real life. Thanks for taking so many pictures though and sharing them. Makes my heart happy! Love you friend!

  3. What wonderful friends!! Looks like fun!

  4. PS: Clifford had a superman outfit when he was a baby too!


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