30 weeks!

I have not been great about grabbing the bull by the horn this start of 2015.  Everything has been a daze somewhat.  I even forgot how far along my pregnancy has been until my appointments have been made bi-monthly.  And so I decided to finally get on my pregnancy app and found out that I'm already 30 weeks along.  That means I have about 2 months and a half (give or take) till little man gets here!  

In the meantime, the daze has made me missed posting about so many other exciting things that had happened such as Christmas with the in laws, Ciel turning two, New Year, resolutions, and many other adventures.  Oh well, such is life.  My photography and blogging my continue to be sporadic for a while, I am sure of it.  :)

I am actually looking forward to the challenge of juggling 2 kids but I know, this optimism might back fire a few weeks after little man is born because.. that's just how it is.  Hahaha! 
I feel like I am bigger than I was back when I was pregnant with Ciel but the doctors has not mentioned anything about me over-gaining weight.  So I take that as a good sign. 
I am more exhausted these days, being unable to get good night sleep, and running after a toddler, while trying to stay sane with a winter that has not produce enough snow for our enjoyment.  

We are more than excited for our little man to get here.  Initially, I felt at a loss wondering what will I do with a boy! All things I have done or links to make are for girls.  So sewing little clothes for him so he doesn't have to wear Ciel's pink, floral and overtly girly clothes and knitting him cute stuff including a nice manly blanket and vest, has helped me realised that it is going to be okay.  That this little man is going to be just as fun as a girl has been to us, and the fun surprises that boys bring into a family.  I have been told they are not as dramatic.  We will see.  He does move more vigorously than Ciel did so he will be a ball of energy that is for sure.  ;)  

The magnificent 30 week belly- taken by my husband, Clifford.