Washington DC

Apart from being able to go out and do a fun family session for the Chan family this past summer, we were also able to go do a bit of sight seeing on our own while we were in DC. 

The DC LDS temple was closed but it was still nice to be able to walk around and enjoy the beauty of the temple grounds.  Definitely one of the things I missed about Utah is the availability of temples in such close distances to visit often.  The nearest ones to us are about 2 hours away from Cincinnati.  It's not that bad but it can be a long day when you have a little toddler with you.  

We also got to visit the Washington DC National Mall.  Now mind you, the mall mentioned here is not a shopping mall that most people would think about.  There are no departmental stores, boutiques, etc but mostly monuments of historical importance and significance to the United States.  
It's a huge park and we did lots of walking.  Even Ciel impressed us with her walking stamina.  We had the stroller with us of course and she climbed back on it when she needs to rest her little legs. Hehe. 

Thank goodness my pregnancy nausea and vomiting has not gone full blast during on this trip or it would have made it difficult.  We had a lot of fun and and enjoyed a lot of good Asian food with the Chans, while we were there.  

Here are some photos from the trip.  Enjoy. :)