German Village

This past weekend, Ciel and I got to tag along on a trip up to Columbus.  Daddy was busy so we went  off and had a short little adventure at a little German village, in the city.  I love old buildings and architecture.  There is much character in a place, just like the first apartment Clifford and I lived in.  With limited space and yard, I love the choice of decorations some of the residents chose for Christmas.  No crazy blow up decorations and yard full of plastic displays but just simple, tasteful lights and evergreens.   

Ciel and I took the opportunity to warm up from our walk at a local bookstore, the Book Loft, which apparently is the largest independent bookstore in the country.  Very cutely laid out too.  A couple of old buildings combined together making up to 32 rooms of books, various genres of books.  Wished we had more time to browse through the books available but we were glad even for the short time we had.  Here are some of photos from our adventures. 
Enjoy. :) 

Till next post, Merry Christmas everyone!