Growing Older

Blergh. My last post was over a month ago.  

I am one of those unfortunate ones who have to go through a hard pregnancy.  
Okay, I'm just being a whiner. 
I know there are others who have it worse, like being sick the whole 9 months, or needing to be on IV because for hyperemesis gravidarum.  Whichever level, it is still no fun.  
Eating becomes a chore because it makes me sick, yet not eating makes me just as sick.  
All I want is Malaysian food but cooking it is torture because of the smell.  

So thank goodness the severity lighten up enough this past week for me to enjoy my birthday with food, because what is life when you can't enjoy food??  My dear husband gave me a good weekend of Asian feast, from Indian buffet to home cooked claypot chicken rice!  

Despite all the hardships of growing a baby, I am still excited.  Actually, I should say we are all excited.  Ciel is busy practicing her big sister skills on her little baby doll, all by just copying the little things we do.  From giving goodnight kisses, making sure the little doll is warm, or asking "Are you okay?" if little baby doll fell.  I am feeling little flutters and occasional soft kicks.  Clifford, the finance minister of the home is busy budgeting and making sure I'm getting well taken care of.  

Now we are just waiting on a few more weeks to find out the gender so I can start knitting more gender specific things!!  I managed a gender neutral shorts and pull over sweater (pictures to come) but it will be nice to be able to know for sure after this. ;) 

Anyways, in the meantime, I will just work on updating things that has been missed from being so irregular and hopefully it will get regular again as time and situation permits. 
Till then, thank you again to all the wonderful family and friends, who have been so supportive and loving.  Nothing is better than having great people in your life and to share it with, so, here's to more years of growing older and wiser! 

Below are photos from Halloween recently.  I thought she was to be a ballerina but people thinks she looks like a cupcake, cotton candy, princess, etc.  So I don't know exactly what she was for this year but she loved it! Credits for making it goes to my wonderful mother in law.  I was definitely more than please since I have been too sick to do much sewing and making her Halloween costume this year.  Ciel loves all things pretty and tutus.  She has even start wanting my necklaces and bracelets to wear!  She is going to be one girly girl, that's for sure.  

Till next post, have an amazing week everyone!