Less than 2 hours away, this city is a gem.  
The architectures, the old charm, I am not sure why I have not heard much of Indiana before besides the fact that it is one of the states in the US. 

We started our adventure at the Museum of Arts.  I am excited for the day when Ciel would be able to appreciate the arts just as I have.  For now, we suffice our visits by walking through a little too quickly and trying to avoid Ciel from banging into the walls as she adamantly think she knows better on how to push her own stroller. 

Then we took a walk in the city.  We saw probably 6-7 wedding parties and a quinceanera there, getting their formals taken around the city.  It is quite the photographer's heaven there. ;) 

Well, I have blabbered much.  
Here are some of our adventures in photos.