Owl Toddler Shoes

I missed blogging last Sunday.  
Not feeling so well has something to do with it.  

Anyways, I'm back and hopefully will keep feeling better from now onwards! 

I have been searching for white toddler shoes for a while now.  Ones that are decently priced and of decent quality.  After all, kids, they grow up too fast.  That also applies to their out-growing of things!

So I found this pair and it is perfect!  

I have always found owls to be an interesting animal in children's art.  
Maybe because they are often tied to being studious and wise.  
Maybe also because it is just a fun little bird to begin with. 

So with that in mind, Ciel's shoes was drawn. 

Probably not as great as the one I did for my mother in law since the fabric marker ink are running out by now, but I am quite please with the outcome, and so was Ciel. :) 


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