I love how each time Ciel and I fly together, by the end of the flight she becomes quite the celebrity.  People who sits with us often times tell me how they started out thinking they are doomed when I sat down with my little toddler only to find out their flight was as pleasant as they hoped for it to be.  

Little did they know, I had prayed hard for a smooth flight too. ;)
I am not sure if her favourite part of flying are the moving walkways at the airport or the whole excitement of not needing to be in a carseat.  Haha! Whichever it is, she is definitely a fun little companion to fly with.    
Our recent trip back to Utah for a photography assignment was no different.  

Being back in Utah was great fun.  It felt like home yet it wasn't.  Our old apartment is not ours anymore because someone else is living there now.  But it was nice to see family and friends again.  Sadly we didn't get to see too many because of how little time we had.  

Thanks again, to all those who helped out and making this trip a smooth and successful one.  
Stay tune for awesome sessions coming up, from a newborn and a wedding! 

Till then, here's our little piece of heaven with her cute little swimsuit I sewed for her a while back.  Link to the tutorial is at the bottom of the post. 

If you love her swimsuit, go check out this tutorial.  She did an awesome job.  I made a few changes to mine.  I made my own pattern using one of Ciel's onesie as guide instead of hers and made her straps a tying one instead of sewn fixed at the back.