Sorry for the short hiatus. 

It has been a crazy past week.  We finally found an apartment, moved out of corporate housing, have the movers bring our stuff to the new place, unpack, and of course, waited anxiously for internet.  

Our place is slowly looking more and more like a home.  We still have tons to put away, get organised, but I am sure glad to have internet again!  

Some of the highlights since we have been here: 
  • Ciel has upgraded from her crib to a real bed.  A FULL sized bed to be exact!  (We were too tired to set up the crib the day we moved in so we figured why not.  She did just fine, so why change, right? ;)) 
  • We live so close to Ikea, Costco, Target, etc! 
  • At night, as long as it doesn't rain, we get an awesome display of fireflies just outside our balcony.  I have to say, it has been pretty magical driving at night around here.  Fireflies everywhere!!!  
  • Got a beautiful second car
  • Met a lot of nice people who have been so wonderful and helpful
So all in all.  It has been a good adventure so far.  
Photos will resume next post! 

Till then, have an amazing 4th of July everyone! 

Our apartment on move in day.