This is it.  
Who would have thought we'd be leaving Utah?  I didn't.  
We had dreamt of it but just as we came to accept our stay may be permanent for a while, we got thrown a curve ball.  

It has been such a great blessing to be able to have lived here.  We made some wonderful friends, learnt the unique culture that is of Utahns and had Ciel born here.  

People often ask, "Are you excited?" 
Heck yes! 

But we are also a little sad.  With every place you go, you make some wonderful friends and that is always hard to leave behind.  My serving a mission had helped me embraced the beauty of transfers, and in life's cases, moves.  Love the people, the area, serve all you can and when you do need to leave, you can leave with no regrets.  

So here's to our new and exciting adventure ahead! 
Next time I blog, we will be in Ohio, the Buckeye State! Woot woot! 

Shot on a discontinued Western Family 35 mm film ISO 200 back in mid Spring this year. 


  1. We are excited with the move because you will be closer to families.

  2. Miow Lin1:05 PM

    And VERY CLOSE to this friend, at least for a while! :) YEAH!!!

  3. Wow... enjoy your new home. take care :)


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