Laundry Day

Who would have thought that editing photos taken before we left Utah would trigger a pang of bittersweet emotions.   

Ohio is not as hot and dry as Utah, that is for sure.  Since we have gotten here, it has been raining more times than I can remember and the temperature has not gotten above 90.   We have been fortunate to live so close to a park and a public splash pad while in Utah.  Then of course, there is the fun Center Street Ciel and I love to take a walk on.  

I had always said I love to travel.  But I also loved the "travel" that comes when you live in an area for a bit.  You find hidden treasures you probably won't as a few days tourist.  Those hidden treasures include wonderful friends you "picked" up along the way.   Definitely grateful and is one of my favourite kind of treasures to collect. :) 

 Anyways, enough of the sappy talk.  Here are some fun shots of us out in the yard drying our laundry, the old fashion way... out on the line in the sun!  
(For my non American friends, you must be wondering what the big deal is?  Most people here have dryers or use dryers at the laundromat so seeing lined dry clothes are a rarity.) 

Once in a while, I feel the need to go back to my humble beginnings so I can always be grateful and love what hard work is all about (and also be sure I can still know how to wash clothes by hand!). ;) 


  1. Always enjoy reading your postings and pictures. Keep them coming!

  2. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Awww she's sooooo gorgeous!!!!


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