Happy Father's Day!

I feel like a lot of my personal posts has been adventures of Ciel and me.  Not so much about my dear husband.  Fear not, he is still in the picture.  He just does not have the luxury to participate as much.  

A wise patient of mine back in my pharmacy days once said to me, 
"When you find a man to marry, make sure he is hard working." 

How we ended up coming to the topic of marriage was beyond me.  All I remembered was, 5 minutes into our one hour lunch break, and everyone was pretty much gone and there was only me and one other pharmacist and a tech on lunch duty that day.  I was finishing up on this little old man before joining the rest for a much needed break.  He parted some very thought provoking words.  Words which I have always known to be important, but somehow stood with more clarity that day.  


From the very beginning, he had always had a job.  When we got married, he has been busy going to school full time and working part time.  Then summer holidays are spent working full time.  Even when Ciel was born and all the sleepless nights with a newborn, and all, and he still did all that.  Just so he could provide and make sure we have a roof over our head and food to eat.  We have much to be grateful for and oh, how we love him. 

This video below pretty much sums up all the amazingness that he is as a husband, a father. (Except the part of having four kids. We are not there yet! Haha!)

To all wonderful fathers out there, Happy Father's Day! 


  1. A special post of a special father. Great picture of Clifford and Ciel.


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