I love traveling. 
However, it becomes a whole new ball game when you have a child in tow. 

From Utah to New York to Canada, then back to New York and now in New Jersey. 
We have done long plane rides, layovers, road trips and even train! Ciel has been such a trooper. 
Much fun but we are also missing Daddy very very much. 

It will a long long time before I attempt to do travel without Clifford again. Haha! 

Happy Easter everyone! 


  1. Looks like children mature faster these days. Only 16 months old, but definitely looking like a tottler in this picture. Yes, it is a challenge to travel, without an adult companion, with a child. You are definitely more adventurous than I was, with you. Anyway, I am sure it was an experience for both of you.

  2. Oh! I wanted to add that I love her smile.


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