It has been a beautiful weekend and a lot of things to get excited about. 
General Conference is coming up so apart from trying to finish up photo editing on sessions of late, I am also anxiously waiting for talks to come in for translating to be done before the big event.  

What's more, I have also started my seeds for my garden project this year.  If you need another person to tell you how excited I am about this, you can ask my husband.  I think he is convinced I am obsessed (Among many other things I have going on!)! 

When those greens pop out of the soil with their little leaves, it sure does feel good to see that you are doing something right.  I have various squashes, herbs, collard, chard, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and also watermelon growing.  Now, the ultimate test would be to transplant them successfully when the time is right.  Wish me luck! (I will show some photos soon). 

Not much photos for today but here's a sneak peak of a fun session from yesterday. 
Stay tune for more! :)