One of my recent library checkout is a book about knitters and their story.  The adventure of beginning to knit, the dilemmas knitters faced and the impact knitting has brought into their lives. 

My love for yarn began when I discovered my mother's needlework book as a child.  That book had always fascinated me.  The colored pages filled with ways to sew, tatting, crochet, knit, carpet looming, etc.  Knitting has always intimidated me and so I decided to begin yarn manipulation with crochet.  With time and patience, I got better but every time I compared knit products and crochet, I always felt knit had a finer finish.  

Two years ago, I found my first knitting needles at a thrift store for a dollar.  
My love for knitting has grown ever since. 
[I think having a baby who looks adorable in them keeps me motivated to continue making more! ;) ]

(Ciel's cardigan was finished just before she was born and the dress last summer.  Both were from the book I talked about here.)


  1. You are so talented. We are all proud of you. I know Ah Ma is very proud of you.


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