DIY Fleece Booties

Monday started out with a disastrous sewing project.  
Tuesday, I was still annoyed about Monday's disaster that I decided to not do ANYTHING.  Well, almost.  I spent my time weeding and playing with Ciel. 
Today, Ciel and I were out all day and went almost everywhere! 

To make myself feel less annoyed, I figured I'd give a tutorial and link to one of my better sewing attempt.  Making cute fleece booties.  

Winter was cold and I felt like socks were not enough to keep Ciel's feet warm around the house.  Since we (Clifford and I) have slippers to wear, I figured I'll make her some too.  

I had used leftovers of fleece from my nursing pads making and Clifford's sweater that I had made hat, 2 pair of pants and mittens for Ciel.  I'm all about using what we have.  If you don't have any at home, you can always get some at the fabric store. 

Here is what you need: 
polar fleece 
sewing machine
knit elastic
paper and pen/pencil for drawing out patterns 

First off, draw out the pattern.  Draw the size of child's feet.  Ciel kept wanting to play with my pen so I decided to use her shoes instead. 

Cut out sole patterns leaving allowance for seam. 

Next is to draw and cut out the top part pattern.  This amazing talented Rae had a formula that I used. Click on her name to go and see how she do it. 

With those patterns cut outs, pin them to the fleece and cut out 2 soles, 4 tops (2 of each colour if you are doing 2 different colour inside and out).  I had positioned mine so that the embroidered part of the blanket can be used as Ciel's booties decoration.  

With right side together, sew the side edges together leaving bottom and top unsewn.  One for the outer layer, one for the inside.  I serged mine together.  If you don't have a serger, using the zig zag stitch on your sewing machine works too. 

Next, turn the inner boot top right side out.  Slip it in to the outer boot top till the top meets.  Sew along the top leaving the bottom un-sewn. 

Once that is done, pull the outer boot layer out showing the right side.  You will get this long mirror image-like shape.  Turn in the inner boot top into the outer cavity. 

Another part I forgot to take a photo of, is inserting the elastic.  Elastic helps keep the boots on better.  You will need to sew two lines wide enough for the elastic to go through along the ankle of the boots leaving a small opening for elastic insertion.  Measure elastic about the size of your child's ankle. 
Insert and sew ends together.  

Turn the whole thing inside out, (liner on the outside) and pin the edges down to the sole and sew along slowly. 
Once down turn it out and tadaaa.. FINISH. 

All in all, not a very hard project and best part, Ciel loves it.
If my instructions are hard to understand, visit Rae's site.  I followed her instructions, minus the dinosaur look to the boots.  :) 


  1. Ciel is so blessed to have a crafty mother in you.


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