Winter Hike

In the short time since the discovery of this canyon, we have been back here more often than I thought we would.  From family photography session to searching for lost keys, there's just always a reason to come.   
And since we hike as a family with a one year old in tow, we do it in small chunks each time so the little girl don't get too antsy in the stroller/ sling/ sled.  So glad we live close enough for frequent adventures.  

Our recent winter hike was fun.  It has been getting warmer lately and I'm a little sad that winter is ending but I'm also excited for warmer days because in the next couple of months, not only it will be warm enough to go places without a coat, but also a lot of different photographic opportunities! 

Winter isn't the most colourful time of the year, but it is still a fun challenge to push yourself creatively.  Enjoy!