Rock Canyon

Ever had one of those days where you feel like you were out of it? 
Last week was one of those days.  I was so absent minded that I kept loosing my things.  
One of which was my keys.  

Searched and searched but to no avail.  We came to the conclusion I must have dropped it while we were hiking up at Rock Canyon.  
And of course, the day that I finally accepted the fact it isn't in our home anymore, it snowed.  Determined still, I went.  Only to find there was even more snow up there. 

After a few steps into the snow, I gave up. 
Upset as I was, I figure why not just take photos. And so I did.  

(All photos were taken with the iPhone.)

My quest for the ultimate snowflake photo has not been achieved.  
What frustrates me more is that it hasn't snowed as much as I'd like it to. 
Figures right? 

Oh well. 

P/s: I found my keys finally. Not at the canyon but it was at home all along. Heee.