Motherhood III

(Read about my other series of Motherhood I and II)

Not too long ago, I blogged about nursing and the journey it has been so far.  This week she is officially off breastfeeding.  It is surprising how easy it is for her transitioning while I feel like I lost a beautiful thing.  Maybe because I felt like I am no longer needed anymore, which is not true but sure feels like it.  

She continues to grow and exert her independence.  It is finally dawning on me how hard it can be for us parents to let go and let them grow and be their own person.  

Anyhow, enjoy this series of photos taken a while back.  I knitted her pants when I was pregnant with her and soon enough she will be outgrowing it! 

How is it that times flies by so quickly yet slowly at the same time? 

Knitted pants pattern was from a book given by my mother in law before Ciel was born.  If you want it, you can get it here.
I LOVE the book.  It was given about 2 months before Ciel came and so I have been working hard at trying to get it all done but that didn't happened! Haha! Anywho, almost half of it is pretty good if you ask me! ;) 


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