Two Year Anniversary!

What a week it has been.  Little Ciel has been feeling under the weather, and so she's been very clingy and whiny.  I think what frustrates her most is not being able to convey what she wants so we can understand.  Being one year old is tough, that's for sure.  

We also celebrated our two year anniversary yesterday.  
Crazy to think it has been two years.  We both felt like it has been longer than that. Maybe because we have been good friends for so many years and then the long wait for visa approval and all.  I definitely think it was all for the best, including the wait.   

I looked at our wedding photos this week and thought, man, what a beautiful day it was.  Everything was just perfect.  Small and intimate with all the important people there.
And then I looked at us and remembered how weird it was to think we were finally married.  I ask Clifford what was on his mind that day and he said, 
"I was glad I can finally start my life with you." 

Is he not the sweetest?  
LOVE this man. 

(photo taken by Melanie Smith Photography)

It has been such a great adventure so far, and I am excited for more to come. :)


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