Resolution 2014

New year is always an exciting time.  New beginning, new possibilities, new goals! 

I just realised that last year I didn't get a chance to write down a list of resolutions.  I think it has something to do with Ciel being born. 

Anyhow, I am back with better than ever goals to achieve this year. 

1.  Photography : I finally took the leap and made my work official.  Having a Facebook page does not mean everything, but it is a start.  (Thank you everyone of you who have been so supportive and encouraging.  You guys are the best!)  Now the test begins as I keep it updated and active with my photography projects and work.  I was given another film camera to add to my collection recently, so I am excited to play with that too!  Look out for the results with that one soon!  

2.  Self sufficiency: I am going to try and plant a vegetable garden this year.  I figured living in an apartment is not going to stop me.  I have been surveying the area and found a perfect spot for some of my little seeds that I have been collecting.  The idea of eating fresh grown produce is enough to make my mouth water!  Someday, when we have a bigger garden with big returns, then I might even venture into canning!  

3.  Music : I neglected my music for far too long.  This time around, I have set specific days a week that I will play the guitar and cello, and make a goal to be good so by the end of the year, I might gather some great talents and do a little concert!  If any of you are interested in participating in this let me know. 

4.  Creativity: Knit and sew an item a month (minimum).  Being able to do these have been a great blessing.  Seeing loved ones wearing something you made with your own hands is really rewarding.  If you have not tried it, you should, then you will know what I mean.  

5.  Health: Continue to live an active lifestyle.  Most importantly eat less sugar!  Sugar is like an addiction.  Ever since living here, I have succumb to the enticings of all things candy and deserts, it's horrible.  I was never this bad before. Sigh. 

6.  Happiness:  Life can be challenging and we all will go through trials (or are currently in one).  Despite that, I want to be grateful each day for all the blessings received, because even if life is hard, there are always good things to be learned and appreciate.  Be kind and think kind thoughts.  Be uplifting.   Be more patient.  

I think that pretty much covers my goals for the year.  

Have I mentioned I love new years?! 
Well, Happy 2014 again, everyone and I hope it will be an amazing one for everyone.  


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