Flower Hair Clip

Busy week with much to do! 
And then I fell sick. 

Not fun. 

So anyways, this was a post that didn't get published because I had so many photography projects going on.  I am too ill to do much on the computer today, so enjoy this. 
Ciel had a bunch of flowers that her grandma gave and so I made hair clips for her with those.  

What you need: 
glue gun with glue sticks 
little crocodile clips (I got mine from Walmart)
Fabric ribbbons (Found mine at the thrift store)
Felt / any thick fabric for the backing

Note: If you have never used glue guns before, be careful because they are HOT! Don't burn yourself. 

Super cute right?! 
Share with me if you made one (or many)! :)


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