Colors of Asia

My week (apart from being sick) was used a lot on daily intense classical guitar practice and gathering photos for a small little exhibit I got to do last Saturday.  So while perusing my large collection of photos, I figured I should do a theme.  I came up with two themes: "Colors of Asia" and "People."  And so the selection began on photos that would make the cut.  I have to say, looking through photos of home made me a little homesick.  I can almost feel the heat, humidity and the beauty of it all just through the pictures.  

As I prepared, I have to say getting my photo prints on matts and framed does make my photos more than just photos.  They became art.  It's is amazing what a little extra can do in presenting your work for viewing.   It made me think that I should include in my future goals, that is to one day exhibit my work in a gallery or some sort.  

The classical guitar performance turned out pretty good.  I redid a recital piece I had done back in 2007 (Yes, it was a long time ago!)  It wasn't perfect but I made it to the end this time.  I figured offering to perform will make me practice more as a musician.  Now, I am tempted to find more performances.  Ah, so many things I want to do! 

Anyways, for those who are interested, here are the photos for the first theme, "Colors of Asia."  Enjoy! :) 
(See if you can recognise where are some of these places)


  1. Sandy Kerr9:00 PM

    Thanks for posting these stunning pictures! I enjoy reading your blog and learning more about your interests, talents, and family. So glad our paths crossed when you were serving as a missionary in Moreno Valley.

    1. Thanks, sister Kerr! I'm glad too! I was just looking through my mission photos again lately and there were definitely some good good times. I hope you and Brother Kerr are doing well!

  2. Love your pictures, Lian.
    Can only recognise - Thailand, China, Batu Caves (KL) and Twin Towers (KL).


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