Now that Ciel is a year old, I'm slowly weaning her off breastfeeding and transitioning into drinking whole milk.  So far so good.  I had thought it would be hard but it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I never thought I would say it but I think I am the one who is feeling a pang of sadness that it is coming to the end! 

My journey in breastfeeding started out rough.  Ciel was an anxious eater and so getting a good latch with her tiny mouth was a challenge.  That left me with very sore for a long time.  I hated it but persevered because I was adamant to make it work.  It was then I realised that my preparation and reading all I could was not enough to make it succeed.  80% came very much from determination and commitment.   

The big turnaround came when she reached 4 months, and bam.. nursing time was cut from 40-45 minutes to 15-20 minutes.  She nursed better and faster.   However, she was very punctual on the times she wants her milk and that's okay with me. 

It has been such a blessing and I am glad we were able to make it this far.  During those early months, I wondered if I was even able to make it 6 months.  We have been able to save a ton by not using formula (and going green!) and the ability to be able to provide the best possible nutrition and antibodies makes me even more grateful.  However, I am not saying that women who don't breastfeed are not as great.   I was a formula fed baby growing up and I turned out just fine.  It is truly a matter of choice and that technology has come far in providing babies'  nutrition for mothers who cannot breastfeed for whatever reasons.  So, if you use formula don't feel bad. 

However, with nursing, you do need to have pads to prevent leaks and the awkward wet spots on your shirt/blouse.  So, cheap as it may be to nurse, we had to get a constant supply of nursing pads at home.  Disposables were of course the popular choice but after a while, I wanted to transition over to reusables.  And so after doing some research, I found many wonderful tutorials to make your own.  And so I did! 

Here are the things you will need: 
Flannel fabric (we were given so many flannel blankets and so I picked out a couple for this project) 
Polar fleece (also had a bunch given and so I could use one of many for this) 
A CD for the outline of pads
Fabric marker/ pencil
Sewing machine 
Serger (if you have one, if not, it is okay too!) 

Start out by drawing out the circles using the CD as your outline.  You will need 3 circle pieces of flannel and 1 fleece to make one pad.  So draw as many as you need to make enough pairs. 

Arrange the layers accordingly. 

Darts.  Find the centre of the circle and draw a triangle with an inch gap.  Cut and remove that triangle. 

Lastly, sew them together! I use zig zag sewing to connect the dart edges together.  Use wider width and narrower length to ensure edges are "caught."  Then, on the outer edge of the circle, sew and finish using a serger (if you don't have a serger, use zig zag to do the edges so they don't fray and it works just as great, trust me, I tried it.)   

Here are a few of other wonderful women who have made similar tutorials if you want some better explanation. :) 

Photo credit: Larissa Davis and Clifford. 

No more waste and way comfortable! 
If you ever need breastfeeding tip and all, this site is amazing. 
And if you need moral support with breastfeeding, talk to me! 
It is definitely worth all the effort. :) 


  1. I will totally, totally need these when baby #2 comes - I love this idea! I have 4 reusable ones somewhere in this crazy world of mine, but I would love to make more =)

    1. If you ever need any help, let me know! :)

  2. Glad you were able to give suck to your baby. I salute your determination and commitment. Well done!


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