2014 = BANG!

Happy happy new year! 

This post came later than I had intended but it is all good.  I get to start the new year with a new hard drive and new operating system (Yes, my husband is pretty awesome!)  Quite the perfect clean slate no?  It is definitely going to be a great year ahead so I am excited! 

I will be going through my resolutions again and seeing what I have achieved and what I need to do better and of course, the best part ... making new goals!  New goals always excites me, because it means I have something to strive and work towards.  

Anyhow, for a long time I have struggled trying to figure out what I want to be defined as.  I love art but yet I have never been officially schooled in it to be coined an artist nor do I feel I am able to live up to being an artist.  There is and always will be someone better.  And so I do my thing in my own quiet way, learning as I go.  

I have finally reached to the point where I am comfortable enough with my own work.  Enough to know that I have my own style and that art is subjective.  I think of the many artists,  Gaugin, Monet, Van Gogh, Vermeer, who struggled.  Some sold maybe one painting in their lifetime and never knowing the artistic legacy they would be leaving behind.  

And so, to start 2014 with a bang, I am launching my photography business.  My once unpublished Facebook Page is now PUBLISHED and I'm open for bookings!  
If you like my work, hire me!  
If you don't, that is totally okay too and I hope you find someone who whose work suit you. :) 

As you can see, the last time I did anything on it was back in 2011.  That will change and updates will be posted.. so be sure to....

LIKE the page and so you don't miss out on updates and deals! :)

The first 3 who hires me for the year of 2014, will get a great discount! 

HAPPY 2014!!


  1. Wishing you success in your new undertaking! You have my full support. Love you!


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