Personal: Turning One

If you have seen my instagram post, then you would know that Ciel just turned one yesterday.  A small little party and opening presents, it's like Christmas all over again! Heheh. 

Clifford began telling Ciel the circumstances and events that had happened when she was born and that gave me an idea! This can be a neat little tradition.  Hearing him tell the story made me realized how much of the details I have forgotten.  After she was born, I of course, being exhausted and overwhelmed with the new motherly duties, made me fail to record the wonderful event.  I am grateful Clifford remembered it all so I made him write it all out.  

So, in conjunction with her birthday (yesterday), I will share her birth story and also a video I made for her as one of her birthday gift this year.  Enjoy! 

The Story of Ciel’s Birth
         On December 27th 2012 your mom woke up early complaining of cramps, she thinking that her nausea had just returned, decided that she would just sleep it off. I however, knew better. While your mom slept, I got up and started to get are tiny little apartment ready for your birth.

                  We had bought a crib second hand, and I had spent the last week getting it ready for you to use once you were born. With your mother trying to get some more sleep, I commenced the work of assembling the crib, and cleaning up the living room so we could move the desk out of the bed room and place your crib in its place. I had just finished with getting the living room ready, and went into to check on your mom, when she started loosing her mucus plug. We cleaned up from that, and while your mom rested some more, I commenced to move your crib and all other baby gear into our bedroom. That took the rest of the afternoon, and by the time we were done your mother's contractions, which was what her cramps really were, were becoming close together. By this time I knew that you were on your way, hopefully you would come before midnight, but I was just ready for you to come out. Your mother of course was still thinking that these contractions were nothing more than some cramps.

                  Once we had the bedroom ready for you, we decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing and waiting for your big entry into the world. It was just after finishing an episode of the Big Bang Theory that I was able to convince your mom to call the birthing center and see if we needed to come in, they of course wanted us to come in right away! Our car was in the shop, so we borrowed your Grandma Gammon’s car and drove on over. After getting there we found out that your mother was dilated to a 5 (cm) already. So we settled in for the night, knowing that at any moment that you were going to come out ready to experience life.

                  Sadly you were not going to come until the next day. After hours of trying, we had to make our way down to the Provo hospital (Utah Valley Hospital).  Reaching there at 3am, your mom was given an epidural and was able to have some sleep.  By 7am, your mom was fully dilated.  Then at 7:57 am on December 28, 2012 you came on out! Weighing in at 7lbs, 7oz and being 19 inches long. As soon as you came out, your mom started to cry and said “We are finally a family”, a sentiment that I also felt.

                  And that dearest daughter is the story of your birth. We loved all the excitement that your birth, and consequential year of your life, dearly. We love having you in our lives and are super excited for the next adventures you bring.

(Written by Clifford)

Music by Mindy Gledhill "Hourglass"


  1. manar8:08 AM

    Lian ciel is so cute!geram want to gigit her pipi :)

    1. Thanks, Manar! your kids are super cute too!

  2. I love this posting. My eyes were teary reading Clifford's story. Good job, Lian and Clifford. I love you all.


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