Personal: The Arches National Park

Our thanksgiving weekend was put to great use. We successfully roasted our own turkey and so that means, if no one has a place to go next year, you are most welcome to join us for thanksgiving. For first time roaster, we make a pretty dang good turkey. ;) 

Next we went on to visit the Arches.  Utah is known for the many wonderful national parks.  Moab is about 3 hours plus from where we live.  There are so many good things about it that we figured we should go and so we did.  There was still snow on the ground so, despite it being down South of Utah, it was cold.  So grateful for layers and warm clothings! 

Anyways, here are a series of photos from our adventures.  

(The first sets are shot on film with Kodak TX 400 Black and white.  I love everything about it, except for the fact that the place I had it developed and scan left a quite a bit of particles on it!! Grr.  Nevertheless, I am still happy with the results. 
Those with barely readable watermarked photos are shot on my digital SLR. (Yes, I was walking around with 2 cameras! Hahaha!) The size difference of the digital photos vs scanned film are pretty huge, hence the varying size of watermark.  At least you would know which was my film work, no? :) )  

Digital begins here: 

So sad that it was too cold for us to camp out there, or else it would have been fun because there were many other trails that we didn't have time to get to.  Definitely need to go back when it is warmer! 

I hope you had a great thanksgiving too!