Personal: My Neighborhood in Film

If you had been following me on Instagram, you know that I have taken a leap into trying film photography.  There are a couple of amazing film photographers I adore and figured I should try it out again, someday. The last time I played with film was probably more than 10 years ago, and that was just a point and shoot.  My father had a Minolta XG-1 slr, with a 45 mm lens that I dabbled with in high school, but when I returned from college and was hoping to play with it some more, the camera didn't work anymore.  Well, more so the light metering wouldn't work.  Seeing that it was mechanical, I think if I knew my manual and formula well enough, I would be able to not rely on the light metering.  Until that happens, I will work with the one I have.  

Photography has been such an awesome journey for me.  I love everything about it.  I love being able to just journal life through photos.  A while back I had made it my goal to master manual shooting on my digital SLR.  That has been going really well.  All photos since then had been shot on manual, except for the focusing.  My eyesight is far from 20/20 so working with manual focusing has been hard because what seemed sharp to me often comes out blur.  So, in order to save time and heartaches from missed moments, I left that to technology to help me. 

So why now? 

My love for thrift finding landed me with 2 rolls of Fuji film for 75 cents each.  Both looked like they were in great shape, and we can't tell if it was expired because there was no box but I figured, why not take the risk? Next was to look around for a decent film camera that I could get my hands on.  That, thanks to my wonderful father in law, I am the new user of his Olympus OM-1 camera that had gave him so much memories from his mission back in the day.  

So here are photos from the thrift bought 2 rolls of film which turned out pretty decent, if I may say so myself.  Granted the photos are not winners but I am happy with these and how it turned out!  But man, manual does intimidate in ways more than digital would.  From getting it developed and scanned, the agonizing wait and the elation that comes when you get to see the prints.  Gosh, I miss the days of film where it was perfectly normal to just wait for a day or two or even a week before you get to see your photos.  Now, with technology and instant viewing, it has made me quite impatient! Then there is the fear of being judged by those who are at the film lab developing your film!  I remember that didn't ever crossed my mind when I ran into the store and dropped off the film for processing. 

As I have mentioned, my manual focusing still requires some work but here are the series of shots taken during our walk around our neighborhood.  I love how the photos turned out and it is true that skin tones look real great on film. Enjoy! :)

P/s: There are no editing done on all these.   

Not too shabby eh? ;) 
Maybe having a dark room someday wouldn't be too far fetch anymore if this continues... 


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