Personal: Boo! and Birthdays

*A break from my usual photography events to do some personal updates.*

Another year older, another year wiser (I hope!).  Definitely has been eventful with the birth of Ciel and life being a mom.  I love every minute of it.  So much has been going on that there were some that I had missed posting about.  So here are some of the highlights I have missed: 

Awesome friends from my mission came for dinner and had a blast. 

Ciel's first Mid-Autumn festival was celebrated by flying out lanterns.  She was more interested in a neighbor's runaway dog than the big paper lanterns floating away. Haha! Maybe next year she will appreciate it more. 

Celebrated Clifford's birthday with home made pizza.  It turned out a success and I made a small section to put my very own favorite, anchovies in it! Yum! ;) 

For Halloween this year, we carved pumpkins, ate roasted pumpkin seeds, was a bee for a day and did her first trick or treat fun with daddy.  

The past weeks, we had had family from New York out for Alexia's blessing.  We wished everyone lived closer so we could get together more often.    

Finally, my birthday this year, I am showered with more gifts than I have ever wished for!  I guess people do love me after all! ;) 
For dinner tonight, Clifford made me some steamed crab legs and "dirt and worms" for dessert.  Best husband ever. 
So much love and so much blessings.  

Thank you to all who had took the time to wish me.  You guys are awesome!