Tutorial: Apron for My Man

 I used to think it would be a great bonus to marry a man who cooks and is great help around the home.     That came true when I married my husband.  If given the chance he'd cook all the time and because he cooks, I figured he needs a nice Clifford sized apron that is just for him.  (We shopped around and most aprons are either too small or too short for him).   

You can make one too, with just using your own measurements.  

Here are the things you need: 

large sheet of paper (or if you are as eco-chic like me, I used paper ads we get from the mail)
measuring tape
sewing machine

First off, measure the subject.  
a - 1 inch above the armpit line, the width from one end to the other
b - the width from one side of the waist to the other. 
c - the height from a to b 

With measurements in hand, with a ruler, divide measurement a and b and draw them out on paper.  

After marking is made, cut out the pattern. The narrow top will be where the chest width will be. 

Fold your fabric in half, lengthways, and pin the pattern down so you can draw out the outline.  Leave 3/4 of an inch all around except for the waist on, which will be as long as you want it to be.  Some people like to have it above their knees, some like it at their knees.  So you decide how long you want to make it. 

Once you have cut out the fabric, fold in the edges and sew to prevent fraying. If you a serger, then skip this step.  

Next, cut out a long strip of fabric.  The length depends on how you want to make the ties for the apron.  There are 2 options.  You can choose to make the neck adjustable, which can be tied to fit or one that is fixed like what I did for Clifford.  If it is going to tied, measure the length of the curve and add however much you need for the neck and the waist for tying.  

Be sure to pin down! This will keep your sewing neat and fabric in place. 

And of course, my little "helper" enjoying my stash of fabrics! 

After all sewing is done, the apron is ready! 

My hot husband in action!

I am one lucky girl.. :) 


  1. My hubby would not cook even if he had a COOL apron :}}

  2. Yes, you are! Mike cooks too!


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