Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point was having $2 Tuesday all of August.  We didn't make it for that but found out that my awesome brother in law has passes from work for us to go in for FREE!  
 "when another window closes, another opens..." for sure.
So, we went and fun we had! From dinosaurs, sandbox fun to farm animals, vegetables and horse rides. Ciel missed her nap but was in great spirit all the way and collapsed out of exhaustion on a carriage ride towards the end.. So much for such a tiny little baby.  It was too cute and funny.  Her cousin on the other hand was a whirlwind all the way!  His mommy, on the other hand is expecting in a month and was a trooper! 

I will let the pictures show how much fun it was.  
{Our daughter's lack of footwear is due to her mother's hippy attitude towards shoes.  Don't worry, after seeing these photos, I realize she needs some shoes. She's got some awesome baby Keds two days back. :)} 






Thanks again Elise and Jaxton for a fun day! :)


  1. First off, Elise doesn't even look pregnant!

    Second, the kids are sooo cute!

    Third, now we need to do again when Gabriel comes home! Need all the cousins together!


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