Being an Interpreter

I had a whole different blog planned out for this week but time got the better of me.  General Conference is coming up and I have been busy doing the prep work required before the big event.  As my Malay team coordinator had said, we "live and die for conference every six months." Interpreting for conference is an exhilarating experience.  Being in a room filled with various language interpreters, and thinking as conference go live, so do we as we all simultaneously start translating in all our respective languages.  Never have I felt so humbled and more grateful for the gospel and church leaders who have prayerfully chose their topics that would be needed for all of us to hear.  We try our hardest to live an exemplary life but there are always good reminders and room for improvement.  Always.  
On top of that, this past week our baby turned 9 months, and my husband celebrated his birthday.  Photos will come after all the conference madness is over but until then, enjoy this video as we all prepare for the wonderful messages that will come.   


Photo credit: Clifford, who had to do a lot of funny faces to get this perfect. :) 


  1. That was a great shot from your husband. I love the picture of your and Ciel,
    beyond words.

  2. Lyannie, I love this pix. So adorable. I cant wait to meet her personally.


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