Refinishing The Ultimate Desk!

For those who do crafts, you will agree with me how much space it requires.  We creators need space to think, to work and most of all to store our many craft supplies!  Those who can would have a room solely dedicated for it.   Since that is not an option, my dear husband assigned a spot in our apartment for me.  However, the "spot" requires a little organization or else it will not be conducive for creating.  So, that was my next search.  For the ultimate work desk.  I needed something that will fit the spot and be good to store and yet, able to take out and use and work on.  I had my eye on Ikea's Hemnes Secretary desk for a while but to pay $249 for composite wood, well, just not worth it.  I figure I will wait and hunt one down.  Lo and behold, my eyes fell on this... 

.. at the thrift store.  Solid wood for $15?  SOLD!! 
Ciel and I had biked our way there so bringing it home with us on the bicycle trailer will be out of the question.  Wrote my name and phone number, the sales assistant taped it on the desk and I paid for it.  Called my husband and told him he has a desk to pick up on the way home and he did, not realizing also the desk is heavy as heck.  I was too excited to care. (Sorry, husband. Hehe.  )

So the work began.  If you want to refinish a piece of wooden furniture, here's what you need: 
Wood putty (Plastic Wood) 
Wood putty applicator
Sand paper 
primer (we use KILZ2 - water based) 
Paint (I chose "Linen White", also water based) 
Couple of paint brushes 
Drop cloth so paint don't get everywhere

*Make sure if you use water based primer to go with water based paint.  Switching either with a oil based will lead to disasterous effect, which my poor sister in law learnt, the hard way. :( 

Before painting, we took off all the doors and hinges so painting can be easier.  (It also made the desk a little less heavier to carry!)  
Whoever owned the desk earlier had drove nails onto a section and used a knife to carve onto the wood.  It's minor but I wanted to have a good smooth finish and so, if whatever furniture you want and had dings and holes, wood putty is awesome.  It's like a concealer for wood, except it is even better! Here's a great video tutorial on how to use it.  
Once that is done and dried, sand down the putty till the wood base so you get a nice smooth finish.  

Once all the sanding is done, then it's time to paint.  KILZ primer is great because you don't have to sand away all the old paint first before using your choice of paint on the piece of furniture.  It works as a foundation that will enable the paint to adhere later.  Make sure you paint primer everywhere.   I did about 2-3 coats of primer, making sure they dry well in between.  

My adorable little helper! 

Once that dries, then it's time for the paint.  For the paint, I gave 3 coats.  I wanted a nice even finish.  I left them to dry about 24 hours in between each coat.  You want to make sure they are well dried because if not, contact between 2 painted surface will most likely cause them to stick after a while and make the paint come off.
After drying is complete, then it's time to put the doors back on.  My dear husband, the handyman that he is put them back on for me.    

Best part is that it fits into the little nook area perfectly!! 

Now I can paint, draw, edit, sew, think, create anything and everything, all in once place.  

I still want a room for my arts though.  But for now, I'm elated with my new desk!!! 
*stroking my desk with adoration and love*


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