Motherhood II

 Somedays I wonder where has my time gone?  Is it Saturday, no wait.. it is going to be Monday!  
And then, I wonder, what have I done?  Was there anything I did that was spectacular?  Did I achieve anything big?  Did I make a million bucks? 


Then I sit down in front of the computer and process my photos at night, Ciel is in bed, and I look at this beautiful baby, and then I realize, I did a lot.  Raising a child is hard work.  I have nothing monetary to show for it but that is okay.  Watching her develop and grow beats all the money in the world.  I love how her eyes lights up everytime she sees me or Clifford.  I love how she thinks funny faces and sounds are hilarious.  I love how she would bang different things together and change them out just to hear the different sounds they make and see which one she likes more.  I love how determined she can be about reaching for things she cannot have... even when she knows no means NO, she proceeds to test the boundaries in hopes she gets away with doing it even if it was only for a few seconds.  On top of that, my dear husband reminds me ever so often what a great and important work I am doing raising our daughter.  Had life been different and I am still working in my profession back home, I would be missing all the fun moments of watching this little girl grow up! Instead, a maid/baby sitter will be in my place right now going out on fun bike rides or sitting out on the yard doing the patty cake or Itsy Bitsy Spider with her while I am at work. *shudders*  

How can one not love this cutie?! 
Like her top? You can make one too.  Crochet top pattern is available here! (It was suppose to be a dress for when she was a new born, but little Ciel is, well, just little, so her dress turn into a cute top for her to wear with a pair of cute baby jeans!  Good to know my hard work lasted longer than just a few weeks worth of wear! Let me know if you made one.  I'd love to see what color combo you picked out). 


  1. Just, simply beautiful.

  2. Love the pix!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see her...I mean all of you again! ;}

  3. I super like those pix. How I wish you can take Rayhana's pix too. Sure cantek woo..

  4. Thanks, you all.

    @Fadia, meh la sini. :)


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