Jenga Bag!

Thrift store shopping is my weakness (and yard sales!).  The thrill of the hunt and being able to find that one great deal, is so addictive, it can almost be like gambling I think.  Not that I have ever gamble, but I figure this helps me understand why people do what they do.  

So, here is one of our exciting finds lately.  Jenga is a fun game, one that I think would be great to play when Ciel gets older and understands the rules.  Right now she mostly wants to tear down the tower just to see the blocks come crashing down.  :)   

$1 for these beautiful smooth wood cuboids? YEs! 

It was missing maybe a row and one but that is okay.  :)

She thinks so too! 

I wanted it to be kept in a better bag instead of just a plastic bag.  So I thought, why not make a bag for it?  Went to work I did.  A simple drawstring bag to keep these little blocks in place.  

If you want to make this, you will need: 
some fabric
fabric marker/chalk
measuring tape/ ruler
sewing machine & thread

And of course, I found some simple white cotton fabric at the thrift store too. 
I keep a note book of measurements and patterns of things I make just so things are all in one place.  Being organize is something I want to be better at and hopefully perfect in the long run. 

Measurements made and marked.  Then fabric is cut accordingly. 
I measured the Jenga tower (height x length x width) and to make it simple and easy (since I don't have that much time for a complicated bag) I just cut out two big rectangles (with lee way inches to fit the blocks) and also a couple of inches for the top to make the draw string hole. 

Then the sewing. 
Sew the sides and leave some of the top for draw string.  I left about an inch and a half on top for the draw string.  

Fold the open top half on the wrong side and sew them. 
Then, I cut out an inch width of fabric about double the length of the width of the bag.  Cut two strips if you want to be able to pull the bag close both ways, but if not, you can just do one strip.  
Iron the strip half length ways and then fold both edge in to the middle line.  Then fold half again and sew all the way.  This is to prevent fraying of the edges. 
Once that is done,  put a safety pin on one end and string it through.  Make sure you don't loose the other end though or you will have to start again.  String it through both side of the bag and then make a knot with both ends. 

The best part is that we can store it as a tower or just throw all those blocks in and close it up.  It is big enough either way you want to store it.  

That's it! Simple and easy.  If your box holding all that Jenga is about to fall apart, you can just make a simple little bag to keep it all in.