Fun Cotton Knit Summer Dress

We have been blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends who gave so much.  We have yet need to buy much clothes for Ciel.  She's got everything and more.  So, does she need more, no.  But am I itching to sew? Yes.  And so, I did.  Not because she doesn't have enough dresses but because I have fabric and my sewing machine is calling out to me.

I found this on Pinterest (if you have not followed me on Pinterest, well, you should!), and figured this would be perfect to make!  This girl was awesome and did a tutorial and a pattern to download.  However, her pattern was for a toddler and I have a 7 month old.  So that is not going to work.  Instead, I modified my pattern I have already made from her measurement from another dress I made for Ciel when she was 6 months and voila!

If you need help creating pattern for a baby too, email and I'll help make one up for you.  If you are pretty good at sewing already and know how to then you can just adjust measurements from the pattern she has on her page.   

So instead of using fancy fabric, I got mine from the thrift store and the old t-shirt which is my husbands for her dress lining.  

What you will need: 
1 1/2 yard cotton knit fabric
An old t-shirt (for lining)
fabric marker/chalk

Pattern all cut out. 
Dress all ready

Someone is ready for her dress. 

I love how my sewing machine makes perfect button holes!!! 

She's not too excited about having photos taken..

Now she is. 

I'm having a hard time not wanting to make more of these because these are so easy and cute! Perfect for summer. 


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