Window Therapy

We live in an apartment.  With that, it means no space for a garden.  That is unless I want to sneakily till the ground at a hidden spot behind our apartment to start my garden.  Nah, I think I'll wait till one day we own a house with some good yard space for my garden.  However, I have seen some ideas online on making a little box, which I will need to look into more.   

My first plant I grew as a kid were the four angle beans. They are like long beans except with four straight sides instead.  So when you cut them, their traverse view would be shaped like a sunken square.  Anyways, these beans were easy.  I grew them in a tin can which my dad helped poke holes on the bottom with nails and before long it got so big that we transplant it onto the ground and it overtook our fence.  It provided good privacy between us and our neighbor, lots of beans to eat (till I got sick of it) and of course, bugs.  

Then, when I came home on my long semester break from college (my family had moved and so we had a new house with new yard which was at that moment bare), I figured I'll try to plant some watermelon.  I never saw the fruits of that project because I had to go back to school and my dad thinks they were a menace to walk around in and because there were no one around to care for it, so he killed them.  My poor watermelons. *sniff* 

And so, here we are in our apartment with awesome great windows with ledge that I decided, it's time to try again.  After much persuading, my husband relented and my collection began.  He and I differ in our choice for plants.  I want to grow things that I can eat and use.  He prefers plants that flowers.  I won, for now.  So herbs it is.  

Here is our kitchen window.  My 2 herb (one possibly dying) are from the farmer's market.  I might have to replace my oregano unless some can tell me how to save it. The chia pet (apparently is a novelty gift item) I found unopened at the thrift store for $1.50 and I figure why not.  People normally eat the seeds, not so much the sprouts, but I think I will try them sprouts.  I'm sure they are fine to eat. If not, then you will know why blog is dead because I am.  Haha! 
Then the tiny little tin can is a spruce seedling I got from a wonderful mission companion's wedding recently.  They gave out this spruce tree growing set as wedding favors.  Superb idea.  I figure it will be a while before we move to a house of our own but why not grow this little thing until one day it can transplanted to a ground permanently... now if it will only show some signs of growth.  

My chia pet is a Homer Simpson.  He has "hairs" (even unruly ones growing out of his neck!) growing even though he normally doesn't.  Heh. 

Our window.  If you had been following me on Instagram, the curtains hanging were found at a thrift store a while back and I had initially wanted to make a skirt/dress.. but it looked way better as my curtain at the moment.  So that idea has been scratched.