The Lambs

I don't know about Maycee but whenever I am with her, I feel like we have been friends since we are kids.  In reality, we actually met while I was still in college aeons ago and she was living in Brunei.  A youth camp brought us closer and then, when I went on a solo adventure to the Philippines, who would have thought she'd be there at the same time!  Needless to say, we had a blast.  She is the most down to earth girl I know and is such an amazing friend.  She and her husband drove all the way from Arizona to Cali for my wedding, of which till today I am eternally grateful and touched.  So, when Christine, another wonderful friend was getting married in Mesa, AZ, Ciel and I made our virgin airplane ride together to Arizona and stayed with the Lambs.  It was quite the adventure which is another story all together.  Haha! 

The Lambs just had their baby, Tala (Tagalog for Star, isn't that so pretty?) back in March.  She's 3 months and is super cute.  And since I brought my monster camera equipment with me (despite having a 6 month old, carry on luggage and a car seat to travel with!) I felt it was necessary to capture this family and their awesomeness before Tala gets too big! 

I must say, I had so much fun despite Ciel screaming for attention throughout 70% of the session! 

Breastfeeding is such a beautiful and intimate thing.  One of which I am grateful to be able to experience, despite the hardships of it and so I feel it was important to capture this.  

So, while Tala eats, we work on capturing her. 

When she gets done, she often has her hand hanging on to mommy's shirt.. 

And since nursing induced sleepiness, Tala slept while Daddy gets into the picture.
Love this!

And then it's time to wake up.  Tala could possibly be a future gymnast with this constant stretch pose she does whenever she wakes up.  


More smooches!
Such cute mommy daughter moments

Yeay for baby smiles because no matter how hard the day can be, a smile makes it all worthwhile. 

Mommy getting a well deserved foot rub. ;) 

Posing for photos can wear you out.  So it's back to rest once more. 

Us getting ready to go out for a walk in 109 degrees at 6 pm.  Yes, Arizona is hot. 

What can I say? The Lambs are wonderful.  Thanks again for putting up with Ciel and me for the weekend.  I hope it won't be too long before we get together again so that this time Tala and Ciel can play! xoxo!