Ah. Once again.  Overdued post. Or I should say one of many overdue posts!!

We went on our very first family vacation recently.  An adventurous attempt too, if I may add.  Driving with a 5 month old, across 5 states and landed in Arkansas just so A-Ma (the Chinese term for grandma) can see her granddaughter.  It was worth the journey and we had a lot of fun visiting friends along the way and viewing some of the sights of America.

Funny enough, when I was a kid, I used to hate road trips.  Maybe because my dad took us on so many growing up, and maybe because I was a doink girl who only cared about the destination but not the journey.  Plus, I get car sick easily so that also contributed to the factor of hating road trips.  Later my dad taught me a trick to always look far towards the horizon instead of looking at the sides where fast moving trees/ buildings passes and road trips got better.  Then, I got old enough to be able to drive.  Now I love road trips!!

Come to think of it, I pretty much covered almost all of Malaysia by road before I moved here.  I even drove all the way up to Thailand.  The only place I didn't cover was anything beyond Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.  So, I guess we have to make sure we do that when we get back there one day.

So here is our recent travel info:

Destination: Little Rock, Arkansas.
Mode of Transportation: Silver Toyota Corolla with a Californian registration plate (we rented because there was no way our old car could make the journey and back.)
Duration: 14 days (6 of which was spent on driving and seeing the country)
States: Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas 

The excitement of leaving Utah and entering Colorado

Scenic drive through the Rocky Mountains

Despite being June, there was still snow.

The Colorado Monument

The Old Mill

THe humidity was an adjustment after being in the desert for a while but our skin was definitely nice and moist, including Ciel's. 

When we are not out and about, we have fun at home. 

All ready for the zoo. 

Taking turns carrying. 

Tuckered out. 

Naps are always nice, no matter where you are. 

I forget sometimes that animals get similar disease as we humans do. 

The Old State House

Old photographs are always so fun.. maybe it's the photographer in me. 

I'd like to get my hands on those vintage toys!

Touring with the town tram. 

Definitely a plus when it is raining outside. 

with A Ma. 

 Some of the architectures during our walk around town.

The one oriental themed architecture in this city. Apparently there are a number of Koreans here but we didn't see any while we were there. 

A bird scarer. 

The early toaster. 

The state of Arkansas bought a submarine despite not being near the ocean. 

We took a tour anyways...

Super narrow beds and I bet lots of heads get bumped. 

The kitchen.

My husband will have a hard time if he has to work in a submarine. 

Torpedo trumps husband. 

Time flew and it was time to go home.  We were sad to leave.  Families are important.  When you live far apart, you realize how much more important it is.  I wish sometimes I could just drive 10 minutes to go see my mom whenever I feel like it, or when Ciel is in need of grandma time we can just drop her off, just like how it was when I was growing up.  Well, thank goodness for skype and telephone! 
So with tearful good bye, we journeyed back...

Kansas, it was so flat that we could see the end of the storm clouds. 

So glad we were able to go see A Ma and be reminded of what humidity is like.  You'd think after growing up in the humidity I would always remember.  Haha!   Anyhow, one day, when we get rich, we will have to get a camper and drive through the whole United States and see everything!  


  1. Love everything: the new look, the pictures, the family, etc. I am so proud of you! Well done! As for the name of the blog, you're not crazy, just an over-zealous-want-to-do-it-all-fabulous chick! Ha ha!

  2. Thanks, S. Seet! You are the most awesomenest. Hehe. :)


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