Dressage Show & Mother's Day

I meant to blog for Mother's day, but here I am, 5 days late from all the whirlwind life of being a mom!

I don't remember Mother's day being such a big deal but I guess being a mom, I now realize why a day has been set aside for special appreciation was necessary.  Ciel, however, did not get the memo.  She decided she wanted to have a midnight snack so she woke up at 2 am to eat (when most of these nights she has been sleeping through till the next morning), and later that morning, just as we were about to leave for church, she exploded out of her diaper, onto her church dress and everything around her, including Daddy's shirt.  Hence, we were super late to church.

But it's okay, we love her still.  How can we resist that chubby cheeks little baby who has toothless smiles that melt our hearts?

Anyhow, apart from the crazy Sunday, we still had a lot of fun for Saturday.  A friend needed a photographer for her dressage show so we got to go see what that was like and I did my best capturing what I can.  I had never been to this sort of event before, nor even had any experience doing dressage and equine photography but my friend was a gem and gave me the responsibility still, of which I am glad but was also nervous.  As it turns out, I didn't ruin it, so that is good but if there is ever a next time, I would at least know what to do.  Here are some shots from that morning. Enjoy. :)

Lynnleigh Farm, Sandy. 

The most coveted blue ribbon..



The Dynamic Duo

In the meantime, Ciel didn't know what to think about having her feet touching grass. 

Little posts all over the show ring for direction. 

The show ring

In the end, she decided it's best to sit on Daddy's legs.

I didn't grow up around horses.  My only exposure to them were at a fair one time and another on a family vacation when I was a teenager.  I remembered being in awe at the sight of how big they were next to me.  I also remembered that because they were soo big and tall, I feared that they might just open their mouth and chomp my head off despite their vegetarian diet.  Silly, I know.  Don't worry, I'm over that.  Now, I only feel awe in the presence of horses. :)


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