Just Another Day

Our date night tonight consist of us sitting in the car drinking our buy one get one free milk shakes while Ciel sat in her carseat at the back, asleep. To create an ambience we had ocean sounds playing pretending we were on a beautiful beach despite parked facing a brown wall.  Simple nights like these are treasures. Clifford and I would talk about everyday things and adventures we would anticipate in the future.

I don't think I give enough credit to my dear husband, the wonderful man that he is and tries to be.  Not a single day goes by that I thank Heavenly Father, that I was able to be married to my best friend and possibly one of the best man out there.  How I landed one like him, will forever be a mystery.

It is so crazy how fast time flew and here we are,  our twosome has now become a threesome. Our anniversary back in January was almost impossible to celebrate, what with learning the ins and outs of being parents, sleepless nights and getting to know Ciel, it was too exhausting to even include romance.

But like they say (I know, I seem to use "they say" a lot lately.. Who are "they" anyways?), it gets better.  She is now 16 weeks, that's 4 months according to lunar calendar and I feel like she has grown and changed so much already!  One week she would be contented with sitting there doing her own thing playing with her favorite crinkly cloth book while I cook, the next week she demands my every attention, rendering it impossible to even get anything done until she goes to bed at night. Then there were weeks that she fights me for naps and this week, she goes down without a fight.

She also recently discovered that we ate far more exciting and colorful food than she does, thus we are constantly trying to keep her grabbing hands from stealing our food and pulling our plate towards her. One thing that is still constant is how she kicks and swing her hands which would hit her body every now and then out of excitement, like a little king kong.  It's adorable, trust me. ;)

We still have our hard days and trials, just like everyone else, but why focus on that when there are so much good too no?

Us.. sadly without Daddy because he's helping to take the picture.


  1. SO nice to see you with your beautiful boy.

  2. OOOOPS.. did I say boy?.... so sorry.. Our little granddaughter is doing very well. She is in Italy this month with her Mum visiting the other grandparents and we so miss her being here. All the best to you all.

  3. Precious thoughts and blog post. And precious picture of mother and daughter. You are both beautiful.

  4. I love this picture!

  5. Great post! Sweet Picture!


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