What a year it has been!

While most of the world is out partying, ushering the new year with family, friends and singing Auld Lang Syne, I would be home with my dear husband and little Ciel, most likely trying to sleep or feeding Ciel.

Ciel. (French for heaven/ sky)

Ciel is our cherry to the desert topping of 2012.  Born Dec 28, 7.56 am weighing 7 lbs 7 oz at 19 inches, she is a pleasant addition to our year of which we had not planned but sure glad had happened.

Her entry into the world was quite the adventure and despite my attempt to have her naturally, I ended up having an epidural because my body decided to stop progressing after reaching 8 cm, and I was too dehydrated and weak to proceed on my own. When I was ready, she came out after 20 minutes of pushing without much problem and no tearing.  (Woot!)  Just recalling back the view of her coming out and the sound of her cry was definitely one of the most beautiful and emotional experience to date.

3 days later, still sore as ever, I look at her and wonder in amazement with all that has happened in the past 9 months, growing in me and how beautiful and precious she is.  The hands that I felt scrapping in me like she wanted to claw her way out sometimes, the elbow that poke out of my belly every now and then, distorting my smooth belly and the feet that kicks that at some point I think I hear my thoracic diaphragm ticked!

But all that is over and here she is, in our arms and oh, how much we love her!

This whole experience has also helped me appreciate my husband even more.  To watch him as he helped take care of Ciel and me, his love and support during the hard labor and delivery.  If I had to go through it again, I would want no other person except him beside me.  Marrying him has been one of the best decision I have made and I am thankful everyday for it.

With the new year, I look forward to more adventures and I guess, lots of learning and changing poopy diapers! :)

Happy happy New Year!

Her tiny and adorable feet! 


  1. Congrats again and Happy New Year, Lian! 2013 will be a great year as we make of it. See you soon. XOXO


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