Counting Down The Days

I have neglected my blog for a while now.

My obsession with crafts and everything has made me prioritize that over keeping records of my life. Gah.. and then before you know it, it's almost time for baby to come!

I am in my 39th week and it looks to us that she won't be coming out anytime soon. Clifford came out 2 weeks early and I was born 2 weeks late.  We have missed the boat on the 2 weeks early thing, and so most likely she's following my footsteps?

As much as I hoped she would come earlier so I can finally stop having to drag myself out of bed almost every hour to go pee through the night and be able to not sound like I just ran a marathon by just trying to have a conversation with someone.. we can only wait and try our best not to be too anxious.  However, having people around who is constantly asking does not help with the patience.

As she move, kick and elbow me in every way possible, I can't help to wonder how does she look like. Will she look more Asian (like me) or will she look more like Clifford?
The cute thing about her is that despite how crazy active she can be sometimes, the moment Clifford puts his warm hand over the belly, it sooth her somehow and she just quiets down.  She's very nice that way.  I think I might have some competition with my own daughter! Heh.

With Christmas around the corner, my dear husband changed my mind about being more festive for Christmas.  Me being Asian not caring too much about trying to decorate the house as much (I was being a grinch only because I didn't want another thing we have to think about when we move), has allowed us to get a tree and everything.  I made most of our ornaments, so that was fun (of course, with so many other projects I have lined up for myself!).  I even went out to get gifts!

I have to say, gift giving is not my strongest forte.  Clifford is much better at it that I am, for which I am glad because I think our children will appreciate that.  If they had to rely on me alone.. I will give the most horrendously boring gifts.  I may be crafty with all my DIY craze, but I don't give them out much because I feel like the only person who is proud of my creation is myself.  I never really think anyone else appreciate it.  Growing up, gift giving is never really a thing in the family.  I think my brother was one who made conscious effort as a little boy, more than I ever did when I was his age.  Chinese people often just give money as gifts. Here are the common scenarios:

New baby? "Here's a red packet (ang pow) with money/ gold."
Got married? "Congratulations." *Hands an ang pow over to you*
Birthday? Hard boiled eggs with red food coloring eaten and ang pow given.

So, in anything celebratory, Chinese people just give money and gold.  Those are easier, and of course, useful but at the same time, impersonal.  Then you get gifts that are not of monetary terms but are really thoughtful and useful, it does make you feel more special too.  I think because the gift giver had put in a lot of thought into the gift and had consciously "listened" to what you wanted and need, and Clifford is one of those.  It is something I need to be better at. I think that could be one of my new year resolution!

Anyways, with all the crafting I have been doing.. I have decided to start back my etsy store once more.  It is still in working progress but do visit often to see new updates every now and then.


  1. Hope baby waits until I come, If she does, she is like you, 10 days later than Expected Date of Delivery. We will see. Wishing all the best with :)

  2. I think monetary gifts is practical, if supermarkets and shopping malls are within accessibility. That way, you can buy what you like or needed. On the other hand, if you know what the other party wanted or needed, receiving gifts is exciting and could be an emotional gratifyng moment. All the best to Etsy.


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