The Olson Family

I had so much fun going through and doing these pictures.  More so maybe because I have heard so much of the family through Larissa that when I finally got to meet everyone, it's like meeting celebrities! Well, also because Larissa and I had such great and memorable times serving together as companions during our mission, it made it more special to be able to help them take family photos to remember the occasion by.  
Baby Holland was born about a month now and everyone flew in to be there for the baby blessing, just recently.  He is a lucky boy to have so many to dot over him. 

Grandpa & Grandma Olson.. Just because they are grandparents, they are pretty much still a good looking duo! 

With grandaunt 

First grandchild in the family, little Merritt. Super adorable! 

You can see where little Merritt got his good looks from! :) 

The youngest in the family and getting prettier as she grows. 

With such good looking in laws...

...with each every pair....

......It is hard not to see how good looking this family is! 

The proud new parents! 

At a month old, he is already such a  happy and smiley baby!! 

For some funny reason, I look at the family picture and I have a cheesy LDS song that kept playing in my head about families being forever .. which has a part that sung "we can be.. together... forever.. someday..." and I am pretty sure it is because when I was serving with Larissa, we use to make fun of that song. Now, not so much of a joke anymore as I look and see the truthfulness of it.  

I'm getting so sentimental these days. Maybe because of the hormones and pregnancy.  Haha! 

You all were awesome! Thank you for letting me do this! :)