Little Sam

When Kylie said she wanted photos of her little boy taken, I jumped at the opportunity.  I felt it is the least I could do after all the amazing pregnancy and birth books that she has been borrowing me so I can prepare for the day when it is my turn to have my baby.  She is one of the few I know that was brave enough to do natural birth and said it was the best experience ever.  So, with her as my inspiration, I hope I can do the same.  

Sam has just started to walk and is super cute.  What is more, he has got to be one of the luckiest little boy around to have so much attention from so many ladies! 

One of his favorite past time is to sit and read with mommy. 

He also loves to have blocks stacked up and having it tumble down after. 

It is obvious he knows he is loved immensely. 

He has not just one... 

... but 2 grandmas to spoil him to bits! 

And how fun it is for these grandmas, to have so many years of friendship in between, now tied even stronger by family ties! 

He may be small, but the desire to drive has already begun. Sorry Sam, it will be a many more years before you can do that. :) 

So young and so beautiful still..