Conference Once More!

So this past week has been busy, busy, busy.  Well, come to think of it, I'm busy almost every day.
People sometimes wonder, "you don't work, what could you be busy with?"

Most fail to realize that being busy is a conscious choice.  I am constantly thinking of things to do with my time, be it on the computer working on photos (check out the blog, because there has been 3 new updates recently of some pretty awesome sessions I have done), sewing projects, crocheting, and baking!
Then there is church callings to fulfill, which I enjoy too because it gets me out of the house and remind me that there is a bigger world out there with great people to meet and help.

All these activities, though it may not seemed much, nor considered glamorous and successful in the eyes of the world, takes up a lot of my time and I love it.

With so much going on, you'd think I am content. No! I wish there was mooooore time for me to do even more things! Some of which is reading and practicing my music more.
Clifford, on top of school, works graveyards.  He is required to drive and for times within 2 am to 6am, there isn't much going on in the radio.  To make the drive tolerable, he borrows audio books from the library so he can "read" and drive at the same time.

Funny how it is such a brilliant idea and I only caught on now!
I don't know why I didn't think of doing so earlier because it is such a great use of my time as I sit and do something that doesn't require much of a mind activity, I can "read" at the same time.

This week has been Sheri Dew's Collection of talks.  For those who don't know, she is the president of Deseret Book Company (a company that produces a lot of LDS books, cd, etc), an author and she was once the Relief Society General President.  She is an amazing speaker and she's also, still single.  Listening to her this past week has been a testimony building experience for me.  More so because, once upon a time, I had felt the loneliness she had felt being single for a long time.  It made me think of my close friends who are still single and searching.  How my heart aches for them.  The world can be cruel to those who are still single, judging them unfairly and making sneer remarks which can hurt and discourage.  And yet, Sheri Dew, despite of her circumstances, she made the most out of it and had said that since she can't have her own children, she aspire to be "the best and most favorite aunt" to all her nieces and nephews.

As general conference draw near, and I think of all the speakers who have to speak, be it their first time or the umpteenth time, I think of the pressure, much fasting and prayer they go through in hopes that what they say will be led by the spirit and be inspiring and uplifting to members world wide.  Sheri Dew spoke of the nervousness she felt when she had to speak.  I don't think I can handle the pressure of such a huge expectation! Despite all that, conference always turn out successful and everyone who comes with the right mind and spirit, will always come out spiritually full.

I look forward for the same.

I entered my 7 month of pregnancy this week and if you have seen me on Instagram in the past, my belly is poking out more and more.  It still feels surreal that, here I am, entering my 3rd trimester and in due time, she's going to come out into the world.  As she grows, I hope Clifford and I will be able to instill in her values and develop a great testimony of the gospel which will carry her through when we are not there to guide her anymore.

Happy Conference weekend, everyone. :)

I just got into the team of translators for conference, so if you want to check me out fumbling, listen to Saturday Morning session in Malay. ;)